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There are a number of benefits to selling us your retail property:

  • We have the cash available now to make a fast purchase.
  • No agency fees to pay.
  • Will make you a fair offer just days after the valuation.
  • We work fast.
  • We buy any type of retail building in the UK.

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Sell Your Retail Warehouse to Us

Do you have a retail warehouse that you need to sell quickly? Maybe you own a large warehouse in a retail park on the outskirts of town or a newly refurbished retail warehouse that is currently vacant. No matter the size, location, condition or age if you’re looking to sell your retail warehouse we’re interested in buying.

We are commercial property specialists and have been helping business owners realise the value in their commercial property for over 30 years. Our sales process is fast and straightforward, and we can deliver a sale of your retail warehouse in a time frame that works for you. We use our expert knowledge and experience within the retail property market to ensure that you get the best price for your retail warehouse.

What Our Customers Say

There are several benefits when you sell your retail warehouse to us:

  • We have cash available and can enable a quick sale.
  • You won’t pay any commercial agent fees.
  • We’ll make you an offer just days after the valuation.
  • The offer will be at a fair market value.
  • We work fast and will complete the sale in a timeframe that suits you.
  • We buy all types of retail warehouses in the UK.

Whatever your reason for wanting to sell, we can help. You can sell to us and move out without needing to look back or if you need to free up capital to invest in the business, you can sell to us and leaseback the space, continuing to trade, and growing the business without the cost of the property weighing the business down.

Next Steps

If you own a retail warehouse space and you’re interested in selling it, contact We Buy Commercial. Our team have been buying commercial property throughout the UK for over 30 years - regardless of age, size, location or condition.

We’re dedicated to ensuring that the sales process of your property runs smoothly. Contact one of our team on 0800 060 8000 or alternatively, fill out our enquiry form and a member of our team will get in touch.

Sale & Benefit Rent Back

Sale & Benefit Rent Back

Sell Your Shop To Us

Sell Your Shop To Us

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